Tyron runs 100km for children with cancer

Cheered on by supporters, Tyron Golden arrives at the CHOC Sybrand Park home with his wife, Felicity Golden.

Fitness and wellness professional Tyron Golden pushed his body to the limit to run 100km on the Day of Reconciliation to raise money for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Mr Golden, 35, from Tokai, left Worcester at 4am, on Thursday. He ran with support from his wife, Felicity Golden, 48, and relatives, who accompanied him by car to help him finish his run to the CHOC Sybrand Park home.

His wife and relatives took turns running with him for a few kilometres at a time.

He arrived at the CHOC Sybrand Park home to cheers, at 8.30pm, after a 16-hour run that saw him press on despite an injury to his left knee.

“The long run was everything I could imagine. I am still at a loss for words,” said Mr Golden. “The strong wind at the end managed to push me forward at the end.”

In the past three months, he lost 20kg and did 20km and 30km training runs to prepare. “I gave up coffee, alcohol, all sugar and even the koeksisters that I love.”

Ms Golden, who is a nurse, said her husband had felt discomfort in his knee about 12km into the run. “I had to help him, and I told him if he needs to tap out he can. He refused to tap out; he is not someone who quits a race.”

Mr Golden, who is originally from East London, lost his mother, Henriette, to cancer in 1997. He has previously run 70 km in East London in memory of his mother and to raise money for CHOC.

“Now with doing this long run, I want to be consistent and remain fit and not wait another three years to do such a long run again,” he said.

He added: “Even though Covid-19 is a real thing, we shouldn’t forget about the children who are experiencing pain through cancer.”

Mr Golden said CHOC did amazing work, but the organisation had found it hard to raise funds during the pandemic.

CHOC Home regional manager Lynette Muthuray praised Mr Golden for his efforts. “He told me that when running 100km, the pain he feels is nothing compared to the pain children experience who have cancer.”

You can donate to Mr Golden’s campaign through walletdoc.com. Alternatively, visit choc.org.za or call 083 418 1800.

CHOC Home regional manager, Lynette Muthuray gives a certificate of appreciation and flowers to Felicity Golden and Tyron Golden at the Sybrand Park home.