Upgrades at Wynberg Boys

A R32 million engineering and design faculty is being built at Wynberg Boys’ High School.

Principal Jan de Waal said after almost two years of planning, the school was excited to announce the start of the two-phase project in July.

Phase one is on track to be completed by October and Mr De Waal said because of the availability of funding, the steering
committee has given the contractor the go-ahead to start construction of part of phase two immediately afterwards. This is going to involve re-engineering and refurbishing the classrooms on the existing ground floor to create a workshop, two theory classrooms and office and storage spaces.

The completion of the faculty is scheduled for the end of 2020.

Mr De Waal said the school had identified that over the years the number of pupils had increased significantly with little physical expansion. The number of students in 2017 was 855 and this year is at 920.

The school had predicted that the upward trend would continue for the next four years with numbers stabilising at about 960 students in 2021, which will
double the original number the buildings were intended to accommodate.

The principal said the development of the engineering and design faculty would contribute towards expanding the school’s original capacity.

Besides electronics, the faculty will also offer civil construction, automotive engineering and digital electronics.

Mr De Waal said these will all be fully accredited National Senior Certificate subjects. A Grade 12 pupil graduating from the engineering and design faculty will have multiple options open to them, said Mr De Waal.

“They can go straight into university or to a technical college, enter the industry immediately with one of the school’s partners as an intern or apprentice, or go directly into the world of work and ultimately open their own businesses.”

All students studying through the faculty will also complete an entrepreneurship course currently being designed by Wynberg old boy, Andrew Hibling (class of 1990) through his company Edge Learning Media.

All funding for the new building has been donated and does not affect the school fees, said Mr De Waal.

He said that a number of Wynberg family members had stepped forward and offered their professional expertise, often at highly discounted fees or pro bono to the school, which enabled the school to appoint a competent group of professionals at a reasonable cost.

“To date we have received pledges totalling 65% of the total R32 million project cost, with sufficient funding already deposited to complete phase one,” he said.

Developments in phase one will include the addition of one classroom, one workshop, an office, store room and undercover courtyard. Developments in Phase two will include seven classrooms, three workshops, six offices, one art room and two store rooms.

In 2018, the school introduced the first technical subject, electronics. As more space becomes available, the school will introduce the additional subjects.

“All additional classrooms built at Wynberg will be modern in design and environmentally-friendly, in line with our strategic objectives,” said Mr De Waal.

Despite recent wet weather conditions, the school’s construction has been moving swiftly and is still on track, he said.