Upset over mast proposal

The property in Pollsmoor Road earmarked for the installation of a cellular base station.

The Kirstenhof and Environs Residents’ Association (KERA) has asked residents to lodge objections to a proposal for the construction of a cell mast base station in Tokai before next week’s deadline.

The period for public comment relating to the application, which is for the City of Cape Town to relax restrictive title deed conditions and a departure application at erf 9393 Constantia, Pollsmoor Road, in Tokai, closes on Monday August 7.

The City allows for objections, comments or representations on the proposal to be submitted via email or in writing to the office of its district manager.

On behalf of the owner of the land, identified by residents only as “Mr Osman”, Highwave Consultants have applied in terms of the Development Managment Scheme for permission to introduce a freestanding base telecommunication station on the property.

According to a City-issued registered letter to residents living nearby the property, the base station will include “nine user antennae mounted on a 20 metre-high camouflaged tree mast with associated equipment units”.

The application also asks the City to allow for the structure to be set back 0m instead of 5m from the road to the north of the land.

Erica Hobbs, who leads Kera’s environment portfolio, told the Bulletin the group was opposed to the impact the mast, understood to be used by Vodacom, would have on the area.

Among the group’s concerns is the possible decrease in property values the construction of the mast may result in, for surrounding homes.

Ms Hobbs said the health of children at four nearby pre-schools and the elderly at a retirement village may also be at risk given its proximity to the proposed structure.

“There is a strong prevailing negative public sentiment towards over-exposure to sources of radiation such as cell masts,” she said, adding that there were already two existing cell mast installations within a 1km radius of the proposed site – in Honeywell Road and at the Westlake Golf Course.

Ms Hobbs said a mast of this height would also be unsightly in this part of Tokai where residential buildings were mostly single-storey.

Kera also maintains that since one of the existing buildings adjacent to the site is believed to be older than 60 years, it held some heritage value which had to be investigated by authorities before the application was approved.

Pieter Pretorious from Highwave Consultants did not respond to an emailed media inquiry by the time this edition went to print.

The Constantiaberg Bulletin also contacted Mr Osman who said that he represented the owner of the property, but declined to comment by the time this edition went to print.

The City of Cape Town said it was gathering information relating to the Bulletin’s media query, but was unable to respond by the time of going to print.

The application can be inspected at the office of
the District Manager at 3 Victoria Road, Plumstead from Monday to Friday between 8am to 2.30pm or call
021 444 7721.

Tosubmitobjections or concerns you can email