Volunteers needed

Ron Middleton, Plumstead

By now most residents have heard of the bogus policemen who gained entry into a house in Sovereign Street who tied up the occupants, ransacked the whole place and got away. (“Men dressed as police rob house”, Bulletin, September 29).

One of my neighbours wondered what we can do about it because we cannot rely on the police because they are never in or seldom seen in the suburbs.

We decided the least we can do is get our neighbours’ numbers and get in touch with each other when such dangers crop up.

I live in 18 Hanley Road and I volunteer to make a list of everyone in our neck of the woods and copies in the area bounded by Tramore Road running along Southfield station, north to Bramley Road, on the other side from Liberty towards Princessvlei roads.

Anyone interested in joining can call in or leave your details in my post box. We will need your names (husband and
wife), address and telephone number or email this to me if it is easier for you, comoffice@xsinet.co.za