Waiting for a sign

Mike Connolly, Constantia

I recently used the recycling facility behind Constantia Village and was somewhat taken aback to find they had instituted new regulations – including the banning of packing recycling into black bags. While I can understand that black bags could be problematic (eg obviously one cannot immediately identify the contents and there could be a security problem)- I felt that at least a sign could be displayed explaining the change.

I took up the matter at the information desk and was told that a sign was “in process”. I then decided to write in to the Centre – spurred on by an article which appeared in Bulletin last week about a another new facility (for charging electric vehicles) – having been installed but with no publicity explanations.

Needless to say, I have had no acknowledgement or reply to my email – and this morning the pleasant young gentleman at the desk said he had mentioned it to the marketing manager (who was busy with some exams) and confirmed that they were “still waiting for the sign”.

Not a “biggie” I guess – but I confirmed with the staff that they were still having to cope with irritated public who are not aware of the regulations – the guys at the coalface are having to cover up for management failings.

Deidre Paul-Diemont, spokeswoman for Growthpoint responds:

Unfortunately there has been some abuse of the facility with customers dumping bags of non-recyclable waste.

Leaflets are being handed out at the recycling depot and we have leaflets at the information desk. I’m not sure why this customer did not receive one.