Ward committees get sub-council welcome

Ward committees are set up to encourage community organisations to get involved in matters of local government.

Sub-council 20 held an inaugural meeting for its ward-committee members at the Alphen Centre, on Monday.

Sub-council manager Richard White said there were many new faces and new wards due to changes in ward boundaries and the sub-council presently included wards 62, 63, 71, 73 and 74.

Ward committees encourage community organisations to get involved in matters of local government.

At the meeting, Mr White explained how the Municipal Systems Act works, the rules for the election and establishment of ward committees, the operation and code of conduct of members, and the roles and functions of ward committees.

Sub-council chairwoman Xanthea Limberg said ward-committee meetings were held every two months.

Mr White said a ward councillor, who is also the chairperson of the ward committee, could elect up to 10 members.

The ward committees have a say, on behalf of the community, on decisions about policies, by-laws, planning projects, liquor licences and extensions and reports on service delivery.

A big part of each committee’s role is the management of a R1 million ward budget in line with the City’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which informs budget priorities, decision making and the allocation of resources in Cape Town over the next five years (“Have your say on City’s development blueprint,” Bulletin December 24).

Mr White said that during March and April the decisions would be made on where to use the ward budget.

In April there will be a formal public-participation process. Submissions from this will be gathered at the end of April and considered in May. The budget will then be announced and adopted during May and will include feedback from the public-participation process.

Mr White said a ward committee could motivate for maintenance of facilities, new equipment, workshops and more. Each member is allowed an optional R500 per month to go towards petrol, phone and admin costs.

From left, Ward 63 councillor, Carmen Siebritz with Kim Abrahams, Robert Heneke, Yunus Karriem, Nadia Hassen and Andrew Julius. Missing are Mark van Wyk of Plumstead Civic Association and Berenice Lawrence of Spurs Women’s Football Club.
From left, Ward 71 committee member Pam Gorre, councillor Carolynne Franklin, committee member Harry Cowley and Sub-council 20 manager Richard White. Missing is ward 71 committee member Nicky Schmidt of Parkscape.
Ward 74 councillor Roberto Quintus, left, with ward committee member Elizabeth Huckle, of Hout Bay Community Health Forum, and proportional representation councillor Traverse le Goff, who lives in Hout Bay. Missing is Warren Abrahams of the Peace and Mediation Forum.
Ward 73 assistant Terri-Ann Valentine, Sub-council 20 chairperson Xanthea Limberg, ward committee member Roger Graham of the Friends of Meadowridge Common and Ward 73 councillor Eddie Andrews. Missing: Byrall Smith of Bergvliet Meadowridge Ratepayers’ Association.