We are despondent

Tracey-Anne Cowley, Constantia

Dear City of Cape Town, you are making us despondent.

Our family is trying everything to reduce our water consumption. We have reduced from January 2016, 391 litres daily average per person to November 2017: 60 litres daily average per person.

We are reusing our grey water, we have installed a borehole and have reduced the size of our pool, all at a great cost to us.

Now the people like us who are reducing their water usage are being penalised.

Surely you should penalise the people who aren’t reducing?

I live in the southern suburbs and the City of Cape Town is still re-doing pavements, surely in this dire situation they s
hould be pumping all money into fixing
the water situation. I heard on the radio that the drought fee is
based on your
property size, but how is that fair?

Surely the drought fee should be based on the water consumption. The people who are not saving water should be penalised?

You are killing the people who are trying to save water.