Well done

Elizabeth Murray, Constantia

A thousand brownie points to Constanita Virgin active gym (and I hope all other Virgin active gyms) for using a bucket system in showers so water goes to flush loos.

If your New Year’s resolution is to go to gym, make sure it’s one that takes part in this sort of water saving. And lobby those shopping malls, libraries, doctors’ rooms, etc. A bin for paper saves a lot of flushing as do notices which state flush only when necessary. Some petitions may be a good idea or shop only where there is active water saving effort.

Diane Longmore, Constantia

Well done to Virgin Active Constantia for providing easy-to-use plastic buckets in the downstairs ladies’ change room, to catch run off shower water which is used to flush the toilets.

All that remains is for us to take a bucket into their shower cubicle and use it. To the ladies who do not, why not?