Westlake CTEET harvests two awards

CTEET education and training manager, Louise Matschke, in her winning eco-angel costume.

The Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) in Westlake scooped two awards at the 2020 Eco-Logic Awards virtual ceremony on Monday September 21.

The organisation took bronze in the biodiversity category for its “biodiversity offsetting” initiative and silver in the eco-community category for its sustainable schools programme.

CTEET conservation partnership facilitator, Lynette Munro, said innovation was needed to meet the needs of a burgeoning urban population.

“Business-as-usual, is helping neither people nor the planet. Addressing the needs of present and future generations is being recognised globally as an imperative, and not simply a ‘nice to have’.”

Biodiversity offsetting cuts a development’s impact on the environment by compensating elsewhere for the damage it does.

“Biodiversity offsetting has the potential to grow the conservation estate, generate jobs, maintain ecological function, create corridors of natural areas, connect people with nature, and support the zero species loss targets,” Ms Munro said.

She added: “’We are honoured to have our work recognised and for receiving the bronze biodiversity award.”

CTEET education and training manager, Louise Matschke, said its schools’ programme was characterised by environmental lessons and projects, pupil engagement, teacher development and community action days.

“All too often, organisations expose children to once-off environmental messaging with no continuity and limited impact. CTEET’s approach is to have multiple and varied programmes with schools to ensure a greater impact and increased pro-environmental behaviours.”

Building a community of connected schools helped teachers and pupils improve the school environment, she said.

Ms Matschke also won a Citizen Eco-Watch for her creative eco costume.