Westlake principal wants to build partnerships

Westlake Primary School principal Tracey Petersen-Brown.

Tracey Petersen-Brown, the principal of Westlake Primary School, says she wants to give her pupils a sense of responsibility and forge partnerships that can benefit the school.

She is the school’s second principal

The school was opened in 2011 with founding principal Landie Diamond. Jodi Dawson took over from her as acting principal in January 2021 until September 2021, and Ms Petersen-Brown, a former head of department at the school, was appointed in October.

Ms Petersen-Brown, 31, of Strandfontein, describes herself as a mover and shaker. Husband, Raphael Brown, is a senior administrator with Vodacom who, she says, is very supportive of her new role and juggles parenting of the couple’s seven-month-old baby, Lincoln, while working from home.

Ms Petersen-Brown says her vision for the school is to make the children numerate and literate and instil in them a sense of responsibility.

She also wants to improve the school’s academic results and expose the pupils to extramural activities, such as the Shakespeare Festival, and extramural classes, such as art.

She says she believes in global partnerships and plans to work with organisation that can benefit the school such as the Tokai Lions and the British Council.