Westlake Village community worker dies

Trevor Fortuin was well known in the Westlake Village community.

Trevor Fortuin, who was well known in the Westlake Village community, died at his home on Friday.

He was 62. The cause of his death is unknown, but he had chronic illnesses.

Mr Fortuin was born in Mamre with polio. After his birth, his mother moved to Cafda Village near Retreat. He attended Astra School for Learners with Special Educational Needs.

He was a carpenter by trade and before he retired he was a manager in his trade.

After retirement, he joined Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) as an office assistant.

His sister, Beaulah Hylas Smith, said he had been a people person and full of life. “He did not accept his physical challenge. He was only in wheelchairs from his late 40s because polio patients’ bones become fragile as they age.”

He was a very active person and was involved in volleyball, wheelchair basketball, for which he held provincial colours, and table tennis.

“He left deep footprints in hearts as he always added value to people’s life,” Ms Smith said. “Whatever he put his mind to he accomplished.”

Anthea Thebus worked with Mr Fortuin for eight years, serving the community. “He was a loving, caring, goodhearted person,” she said. “When he was absent, we immediately missed his loud cheering voice. He became like an older brother to me. We shared laughter and tears together. When I was retrenched from WUCT, he decided to leave and started his own internet cafe from home where he continued serving the community, he will be forever in our hearts.”

WUCT board member Di Forrester recalled that Mr Fortuin had been Father Christmas a few times. “It won’t be the same driving past his house, ‘the village hub’, without his friendly wave to passers-by,” she said. “He was a true community soul and will be greatly missed by all at Westlake.”

Mr Fortuin leaves behind his partner, Veronica Gwaxu, two sisters and a brother, a son also named Trevor and a grandson.

After retirement, Trevor Fortuin joined Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) as an office assistant.

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