Westscott hosts literacy quiz

Alex Peters of Westcott Primary School received a bonus birthday present when she won a R10 spot prize at the Phendulani Literary Quiz.

Westcott Primary School were the regional hosts of the fourth annual Phendulani Literary Quiz on Thursday October 3.

Quizmaster Keenan Williams took pupils through challenging questions, to ensure an entertaining afternoon.

All the pupils taking part had to read 17 prescribed books in two terms.

The quiz aimed to promote reading and the pupils had the opportunity to choose their own book prizes.

This was thanks to funding from the South African Library and Information Trust for the book prizes and a wide selection of books supplied by the Help the Rural Child organisation that supports the Goedgedacht Path out of Poverty Rural Youth Centres.

Healthfield Primary School took the top spot in the literature quiz and earned themselves nine book prizes each.

Celebrating her birthday on the day of the quiz was a happy occasion for Alex Peters of Westcott Primary School. She won a R10 spot prize for correctly answering an audience question and seven book prizes as her team from Westcott Primary School placed second in the quiz.

“I really enjoyed the quiz because it was exciting and eventful. It was my birthday on the day of the quiz so it was a new experience that made me feel like a winner even though we came second. It was an extraordinary experience working with a team which was as determined as I am. I learnt that working with a team is the best way to achieve your goal. When I signed up for the quiz I didn’t realise that it was going to be on my birthday. But that was okay as I won R10 and seven books. So it was a good birthday gift,” said Alex.