What’s good for the goose…

Peter Stenslunde, Constantia

I read with interest that apparently SAPS were tasked to provide a report on security (existing and recommended) at our esteemed mayor’s residence in Pinelands.

What exactly was requested or what exactly is the position? Just like Ms De Lille made public her water usage, can she let us, resident and ratepayers, know exactly what the actual position is.

In December 2015, the City’s law enforcement was requested (by Sub-council 20) to provide a needs analysis for what is now known as area south – this includes Retreat, Philippi, Mitchell’s Plein Constantia, Noordhoek, Cape Point and Muizenberg.

In July 2017 (19 months later and the report had still not even been generated), the request was inextricably retracted by Sub-council 20 without rational or logical reasons, presumably because it would highlight the catastrophic lack of funding and resources provided to the safety and security directorate (approved by Ms De Lille) and paint the DA in a bad light.

This is just for area south – never mind areas north, west and east.

Why does Ms De Lille’s residence get analysed for security upgrades (irrespective of who pays) but the whole of Cape Town is neglected and indeed purposefully denied?

Seems what is good for the goose cannot be applied to the gander who voted her in.

* This letter was sent to the mayor’s personal assistant for comment on October 3 and again October 10. She had not responded by the time this edition went to print.