Work to serve the people

James Bissett, Diep River

I am appalled, but unsurprised, by Carol Bew’s patronising, arrogant and demeaning response to a letter on the issue of vagrancy (“Can’t keep up with the vagrants,” Bulletin, October 26).

Not for the first time does Ms Bew again show her lack of empathy and total lack of concern for the people who put her in office to serve the community.

She always seems irritated by her constituents’ concerns and, both publicly and in private correspondence, she seems to assume that referrals to City systems are sufficient to sort out issues or problems. Would that were true.

Sadly, city council bureaucracy is not as efficient as Ms Bew appears to believe. Her disgraceful attitude and rude comments do not reflect well at all on her or her party.

I do wish she would realise she is meant to work to serve the people. A little bit of humility and courtesy to others would go a long way to improve her existing very negative reputation.

It would be a good thing too if Ms Bew can step off her high horse and understand that the voters of this area are tired of her superior attitude and her inability (or flagrant unwillingness) to respond appropriately to legitimate concerns.

* Councillor Carol Bew responds:

Firstly let me apologise to anybody who may have been offended by my reply to the letter of October 26. This was certainly not the intention.

I formulated the reply even though the vagrants in question around Standard Bank and in Brenda Road are not in my ward.

This does not, however, take away the surprise that I have to the way in which the problems are communicated.

I, like my fellow colleagues, have an open-door policy: email, WhatsApp, SMS and the ever-ringing mobile phone as means of communication to follow up referrals to city systems that are
not dealt with satisfactorily.

There are systems in place to sufficiently sort out issues or problems.

Please feel free to contact me at or call 021 444 9242 or 082 477 9444.

Please remember to supply the reference number received by the City.

As the eyes and ears of the community, I wish to thank all residents for the part you are playing in making progress possible together.