Wynberg Boys’ 175th celebrations


As part of the Wynberg Boys’ schools 175th anniversary celebrations, principals Cedric Poleman of the junior school, and Jan de Waal of the high school, treated guests to an eve- ning of music, food, light-hearted speeches and tasting of the Oude Wijnberg Shiraz, produced last year from their private vineyard. The ev-ent was held on Wednesday March 16 in the Jowell Quad at the high school.

Literally hot off the press, and only delivered a few days before the event, the star of the evening was Brothers in an endless chain. This coffee table book was the idea of past principal Keith Richardson and documents the memories, experiences and achievements of Wynberg men and boys and their dedicated teachers. The book also uses images and anecdotes to trace important milestones in South Afri-can education and demonstrates how the process of transformation has successfully been implemented.

Before the book launch, guests parked on a school field and then walked along another anniversary milestone, a raised walkway be-tween the spectators’ embankment and the Memorial Gate. On each side of the paved and wooden pathway are granite plaques engraved with the names of Wynberg men and families who have a link to the school and wish to be part of its living memory.