Wynberg Girls’ Class of 1946 meet


Eight octogenarians, who were in Wynberg Girls’ High’s class of 1946, met each other again for the first time in 20 years on Friday, May 13.

“We got together to reminisce and drink champagne and talk about what school was like during the war,” said Barbara Geach, at whose home the 70th reunion was held. “We remembered our headmistress who we were absolutely terrified of and she left the same time we did.

“We had a lot of fun together, laughing about everything, especially old photographs.”

Ms Geach said that she and her classmates had managed to track down 10 of the 1946 matriculants but only eight were able to attend the reunion.

“We had the 50th reunion in 1996 and there were 35 of us then. Some came from all over the country.”

Among the eight, most had not seen each other since their 50th reunion but others were good friends who met regularly. One such pair was Ms Geach and Barbara Allsop who have been friends since they were 10 years old. Others among the group, such as Ms Allsop and Jean Chetwin, were life-long friends, having met when they started Grade 1, then Sub A, together.

“Some of us have lived all over the world. We moved around a lot but the eight of us all ended up back in Cape Town.

“Now the school has got in touch with us and wants us to come and meet with them,” she said.