A functional society needs a reliable postal service

Dr Stephen Voget, Constantia

The Constantia post office closed some months ago. Its post-box room remained in place for a while, but it has also now closed. The postal business for Constantia is now conducted at Plumstead branch; the post boxes are evidently at Checkers in the Blue Route mall.

How more confusing can it get?

How pathetic is it that the postal service has essentially collapsed?

It would be useful for the government to reflect on the fact that, had it not been for the then reliable post office, prisoners on Robben Island and elsewhere would not have been able to study by correspondence through Unisa and other institutions.

Any functional society needs a reliable postal service. I can’t think of one western country that does not have an excellent one. But not in SA anymore.

The post office, along with the rail network, the road maintenance department, Eskom, most municipal water supply facilities, most sewage disposal units, and the state-run airlines have all disintegrated under the hands of the inappropriately smug ANC government.

How disappointing. How utterly useless! How sad.

• Suzie Khumalo, of the SA Post Office, responds: The landlord in Constantia did not renew the lease agreement with the post office but had agreed that the boxes can remain. He later informed the post office within short notice that he needed to use the space occupied by the boxes for other business. The post office had to urgently move all Constantia post boxes mail to Tokai post office and currently the mail is delivered over the counter while we find a solution for the lobby boxes.

Initially, mail Items, such as registered and ordinary parcels, were relocated to Plumstead, but these items will now be moved to Tokai post office. It is envisaged that the move of these items will be completed by Monday August 30.

We will keep our customers informed with further developments.