Best wishes for Ramadaan

Blue letter

Dan Plato, executive mayor, City of Cape Town

As our Muslim community prepares to welcome the month of Ramadaan, on behalf of the City of Cape Town, I send you our best wishes as you observe this holy month of fasting.

May this holy period of Ramadaan bring you reflection, peace, renewal and continued strength.

Indeed, this marks the second year where Ramadaan won’t be marked with families and communities breaking the daily fast together, but this continues to be for the protection of those we love, for those around us in our neighbourhoods and the front line staff in healthcare, solid waste, law enforcement, in our contact centres and others.

There may be much uncertainty about when we’ll be able to be together again without restrictions, while we wait for the progression of the national vaccine roll-out. What we know for certain is that this challenging period has opened our hearts and extended compassion to others – one of the key principles of Ramadaan.

We value the important role that the Muslim community plays in Cape Town towards building a caring city. It has also been heartening to see how the broader Cape Town has offered support to those in need, in this time of need. Your courage and kindness in your communities over the past year is acknowledged and appreciated.

Cape Town is a diverse and beautiful city, and our people – regardless of culture, religion and beliefs – join together in times of need which brings us closer together.

The City is doing what it can to support efforts to feed vulnerable communities, and has supported more than 260 soup kitchens – and counting – to feed more than 200 000 residents each day during lockdown, as well as continuing with our major humanitarian relief project by allocating R35 million towards critical food aid relief.

I appeal to all residents to please continue practising social distancing and good hygiene through washing your hands regularly, not touching your face or shaking hands. We all need to continue adhering to the national lockdown regulations, so we can limit the extent of the third wave.

Ramadaan Mubarak – Ramadaan Kareem.