Closure of Plumstead library is a great loss

Ernestine Zincke

It is with sadness that I read about the closure of Plumstead library (Plumstead library to close , Bulletin January 20).

To be part of Plumstead library as an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) student was an invaluable learning experience.

I have gained so much knowledge and experience in the field that I felt it should be a library dedicated to lifelong learning in the library-and-information-services field.

The programme I followed as a student at the library was well rounded, exposing me to the different units, roles and responsibilities. The sessions we had were insightful, and the synergy of their team is testament to how well Plumstead library functions.

I was impressed with the personalised attention the staff gave to the patrons. They were professional yet warm towards them. You could see that the staff were passionate about what it is they do, and what better way to introduce a student to the profession.

It truly is an environment I would have loved to find myself in.

The closure of the library is such a loss – words do not equate the uniqueness of the Plumstead library. Wishing everyone all the best.