Festive season greetings

Carolynne Franklin, Kirstenhof

Despite many challenges faced by most of us over the past year, there are so many good-news stories to share. Many of them can be found on my Ward 71 news Facebook page.

I was honoured and privileged to have been elected as Ward 71’s voice in council on Monday November 1 and this has jump-started collaborations and empowerment at numerous levels of local government.

Proactive, efficient and engaged service delivery is key to keeping our ward one of the prime locations in which to live. With councillors’ new five-year terms come new beginnings and new ways of doing things. My wish is for the ward to be at the forefront of these initiatives.

I will be taking a short break from Monday December 27 to Monday January 10, and my efficient and knowledgeable ward assistant, Robyn Carolus, will be monitoring all emails during that time at Carolynne.Franklin@capetown.gov.za.

I welcome any communication regarding proposals from community members as to how we can improve on taking our constructive ideas to council in 2022 and ensure that budgets are spent as required.

Warm blessings from my team to you and your loved ones.