Have some compassion

Jennifer Grant, Kirstenhof

I refer to the letter about residents being concerned about their safety with regards to the bin pickers.

I am extremely disappointed to see that there are people who live in the Kirstenhof area with absolutely no compassion for the less fortunate.

These bin pickers have the thankless job of putting their hands into smelly, rotten refuse in order to find something they might sell in order to feed their families.

It seems that some people, sitting in their secure, comfortable homes resent what these people do.

If they are concerned about the mess created, or their safety, why don’t they put the recyclable items in a separate bag and put it next to or on top of the dustbin. This will save the bin pickers having to wade through the rubbish in order to find these items.

I separate my rubbish every week and have no trouble with them at all.

Have some compassion for those less fortunate who are trying to make a living in order to survive in these difficult times and who, in the process, are helping to “save our planet” by recycling.