Is the death of an animal taken seriously?

Rhian Meats, Retreat

“Another baboon murdered”. This should have been the headline of your article (“Baboon put down after shooting,” Bulletin, April 13).

How can victims of gang shootings hope for any justice when a shooter cannot be located within the grounds of one uplands premises?

The authorities have a choice of five properties to start with, according to your report.

Considering the paralysis, my non-investigative instincts tell me you’d start at the very premises where the victim is found and follow the blood trail if, by any chance, they had managed to move from one property to the next.

At most you’d have to look at possibly three properties!

Where is the law, and justice, in this instance?

Come on, SAPS, at the very least use this as a training exercise for junior staff to train on if you not taking the maiming/death of an animal or the discharge of a weapon in a residential area seriously.

Are the residents of these premises untouchable?