We have a view again

We have a view again

Stan Gallon, Steenberg

A word of thanks from the residents of the complexes adjoining the Keyser River in Steenberg, and those who assisted me and my wife to have the invasive growth and the very large trees growing on the Steenberg station side of the Keyser River cleared (“River warrior couple battle invasive plants,” Bulletin March 25).

We cannot believe the difference it has made to our lives on this side of the river.

The sun comes up half an hour earlier and the houses seem warmer. Maybe it’s an illusion.

Also, we have a wonderful view of the mountains on the other side of False Bay.

It’s wonderful to have a view again.

The team that took part in this task were brilliant the way that they did the job, and the speed at which they did it was amazing. A wonderful job done.

There is still much to be done, but we do appreciate what they did and the way that they did it. Brilliant!..