What is happening to the piled-up post?

Stan Gallon, Frogmore Estate

The public were not informed about the cessation of postal deliveries in Constantia. I went to the post office in Blue Route and was told the sorting office was locked down due to lack of payment of rent (“Why is the post office not delivering our mail?“ Bulletin May 14).

I then emailed the post office head office and had no reply.

I tried ward 71 councillor Carolynne Franklin and she said the post office is run by the ANC and there is nothing anyone can do.

I then went to the council and they said the same thing.

Eventually I got a “no return” mail from the post office saying it has nothing to do with them. Lovely!

I then gave up until reading your article. It seems that South Africa is scared stiff of the ANC.

What I would like to know is what is going to happen to the post piling up, heaven knows where?

I haven’t had post from overseas since December, and I’ve got important mail in that. Then our local mail stopped a couple of weeks ago. Still no information from whoever is in charge.

No one seems to be interested in this problem because the ANC is running it. Have we stooped that low?

I don’t know what is happening with this, as I think I have been to the relevant people, except the ANC which is a waste of effort.

I even tried one of the chat shows on the radio and they said it was a waste of time as they would only say a lot of gibberish as excuses.

SA Post Office spokesperson Johan Kruger responds: The Retreat mail sorting depot, which the post office employees in the Blue Route Mall referred to, has reopened and is working normally.

The Post Office is well aware of the issues that recently occurred with mail delivery and has launched a national campaign to deliver all mail on hand as quickly as possible. The campaign includes administrative workers and management members volunteering to help sort and transport mail.

Also to deliver mail more efficiently, the Post Office has two new providers for delivery vehicles on board. We have purchased a fleet of delivery scooters and eight of them are already deployed in the Western Cape, with more planned.

The focus on delivering mail extends to all facilities countrywide and the entire delivery chain, and we believe Mr Gallon will soon see a dramatic improvement in deliveries – and other postal services.

Post Office customers are welcome to send an email to SocialMedia@postoffice.co.za if they have enquiries or suggestions regarding the postal service. Please remember to include a tracking number if you are enquiring about a specific postal article.