You can get your rates accounts by email

Carolynne Franklin, Ward 71 councillor

David Broad’s letter (“Why is the post office not delivering our mail?”, Bulletin, May 12) refers. The irony of writing to the Bulletin’s letters page to comment on the lack of mail delivery into our post boxes is not lost on me.

As a long-time resident of Ward 71 and a new ward councillor, I too have been dismayed to note the total failure of the SA Post Office to deliver postal effects to our letterboxes and post boxes over the past few months. It is, however, still incumbent upon us all to settle our statutory debt obligations such as rates and water accounts etc.

I wish to advise City of Cape Town residents that they can request email copies of rates accounts by emailing, SMSing 31373 or calling 086 010 3089.

Please ensure you add your full name, address, rates account number and email address to activate.

This will have to be renewed on July 1 of every year to confirm that you still require the service.

Alternatively, visit and follow the e-services prompts.