Cape Flats Child

Ottery resident Christo Williams writes about the life of the people in the Cape Flats.

Read of the Week

Simonéh De Bruin-Fortuin reviews Blue Sunday.

Railway rubbish

Quinton Summers writes about the subway in Heathfield station.

Packham trial under way in high court

Constantia businessman Rob Packham is accused of murdering his wife, Gill.

Kirstenhof Primary School turns 50

The birthday celebrations were combined with the school’s annual fun run.

District 6 redevelopment will take decades

The report says it will cost R3.7 billion for restitution duplex row houses.

Beloved gynae dies during Cycle Tour

Dr Monty Brink collapsed after a heart attack during the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Day three of Packham murder case.

The murder case is taking place at the Western Cape High Court

Packham’s youngest daughter testifies

Murder trial continues in High Court.

First witness in Packham trial takes the stand

Springfield Convent secretary testifies