Pollsmoor prisoners threaten newcomers

Prison management says offenders call people to demand money.

Four Paws president dies

Four Paws pays tribute to its late founder, Heli Dungler.

Peter Pan on Ice at Artscape

The show is set to an original score and features acrobatics, flying sequences, LED illumination effects and aerial gymnastics.

Read of the Week

Julia Albu has written a book about her much publicised trip through the continent.


Mavis Chisvo, 19, was last seen in Kirstenhof last week.

New contract for Dial-a-Ride

HG Travelling Services has signed a new contract to provide the Dial-a-Ride service for at least another nine months.

Thousands of litres of alcohol confiscated

In terms of the City’s by-laws, the introduction and consumption of alcohol on beaches and other public spaces is prohibited.

Foetus found in rubbish

Captain Davids said they had no leads but were asking anyone with information to come forward.

Afrikaans music at its best

Francois van Coke will regale his audience with the background stories of timeless classics.

Carols in the park

People took pet food which was donated to animal rescue groups Furget Me Knot and Barefoot Rescue.