Cape drivers set for national spin-off

Edward Campher, also known as Eddie Rasta, pictured, along with Yaseen Damon, will represent the city at the RedBull Shay’ iMoto spinning event in Gauteng on Saturday.

Eddie Rasta’s skills behind the steering wheel are legendary among motorsport fans, but does he have what it takes to beat the best of the best?

Born Edward Campher, the 44-year-old dreadlocked driver from Elsies River, along with Yaseen Damon, 27, from Grassy Park, will represent the Mother City at the RedBull Shay’ iMoto event, set to be held somewhere in Gauteng, at the weekend.

In line with Covid-19 regulations, no spectators will be allowed at the event, but fans can follow the action online and vote for their favourite spinner.

Ten of the best spinners in the country will gather behind closed doors at a location to showcase their spinning skills and stunts.

The first round will see the spinners taking on a course set out for them, from today, Thursday September 17.

Viewers will have 48 hours to vote for the best action to see who advances to the live event on Saturday where they will be judged by a panel of legendary local spinners that include Jeff James, Magesh, and Shehiem Bell.

Campher will have his work cut out when he takes to the track in his all-too-familiar red, green and yellow Ford V6, but he’s confident that his experience will stave off much younger rivals.

“I’ve been living cars all my life, and I’ve been spinning for a long time, more than 20 years. Spinning is my thing,” he said confidently.

Anyone who’s seen him do his thing live or on social media platforms can bear testimony: he knows how to drive, says long-time friend and supporter, Greg McCree, from Table View.