Cricket stalwart honoured for contribution to game

Claremont Cricket Club’s Donovan Holman with big brother, Richard.

How does one celebrate a 40-year nonstop, illustrious club cricket career?

It’s pretty simple, nothing, however, the teammates of Richard Holman believe that such a milestone cannot go unheralded and have banded together to arrange a limited overs 20/20 match between two teams littered with icons of the past.

Holman, 52, celebrates his rare achievement, on Sunday at Cape Town Cricket Club in Plumstead.

His career with Montrose and Northerns-Goodwood continues but his friends are taking the time out to commemorate his contribution to the game.

Holman will be joined by legends such as Shukri Conrad, Nazeem White, Peter Martin, Allison Johnson and Ryan Maron.

His brother, Donovan, who remains one of the top wicket-takers for Cape Town Cricket Club, is part of an equally potent team which includes Kenny Jackson, Adnaan Meyer, Wayne Mealing and is captained by Damian Thornton.

The first ball will be bowled at 10am.