Muay Thai and boxing bouts captivate combat fans

Shane Deacon connects with an elbow in his main bout against Wade Hammond.

Madfit Gym, owned by the formidable martial artist Don Madge, once again set the stage ablaze with a spectacular tournament, Cape Town Combat 2, on Saturday.

This event, a fusion of Muay Thai and boxing, showcased the prowess of local talent, offering a unique blend of striking arts that had the crowd on the edge of their seats for the better part of the evening.

The main event of the evening featured a riveting Muay Thai showdown between Shane Deacon and Wade Hammond.

The electrifying clash culminated in a victory for Deacon, whose artistry left the Madfit crowd erupting in thunderous applause.

The venue in the Cape Town CBD, packed to the brim, signaled the promise of Madfit becoming a staple on the Muay Thai fighting scene, providing much-needed opportunities for emerging fighters.

The event is an innovative approach that injects new life into local combat sports. The tournament delivered a worthy experience for spectators, with each bout keeping the crowd captivated.

Not even an episode of load shedding before the fights commenced could dampen the spirits of the fans.

Deacon, a name synonymous with action-packed bouts, lived up to his reputation in a five-round spectacle that showcased the full range of Muay Thai techniques in his win.

From flying knees to spinning elbows, Deacon’s performance left no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with, always bringing an unmatched level of excitement to the ring.

In the supporting bouts, Dean Promnick and Leandre Chakwena turned up the heat in their boxing clash, with Promnick securing a well-deserved decision victory.

The female Muay Thai bout between Verne Prinsloo and Zoey Klassen was nothing short of explosive, as Prinsloo unleashed body kicks that dropped her opponent twice, ultimately earning her a well-deserved decision victory.

The Muay Thai fights continued to captivate the audience, with Phillip Cronje putting a stop to Ali Nyerere and Brian Ncube delivering an awe-inspiring performance against Ezra Solomons in his victory.

In the realm of boxing, Ariel Meeraci and Bruceley Mugutso battled to a draw, adding an element of suspense to the evening.

Qhawe Mafika asserted dominance with a comfortable decision win against Tinashe Makombe, while Cornel Verwey emerged triumphant in the first bout of the evening by defeating Kelly Shev.

Speaking at the end of the event, organiser Laura Madge, said if anyone thought this was a well-executed event, they should wait for the next one as they seek to make the gym a stable of combat sports competition.

Verne Prinsloo connects with a body kick against Zoey Klaasen
Phillip Cronje throws a right hand against Ali Nyerere.
Ariel Meezraci and Bruceley Mugutso fought to a draw in their exchange.
Bruceley Mugutso with a left body shot against Ariel Meezraci.
Cornel Verwey and Kelly Shev opened the fight card.
Qhawe Mafika got the decision win against Tinashe Makombe.
Referee Jeandre Blaine counts Ezra Prinsloo after being dropped by Brian Ncube.
Dean Promnick finds his mark against Leandre Chakwena.
Shane Deacon puts Wade Hammond on the canvas with a sweep in the main event.