Wynberg martial arts coach honoured with major award

Rewarded... Shihan Ian Arendse

Kickboxing coach Sensei Ian Arendse, the founder of Shorin-Ji Martial Arts and Fitness centre in Wynberg, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award for his 40 years of service to the martial arts and kickboxing community by the United World Karate Federation of South Africa (UWKFSA), at the National Youth Festival in Oudtshoorn, earlier this year.

Sensei Arendse, a personal trainer and a kickboxing fitness instructor, founded the Shorin-Ji School of Karate in Bergvliet, in 1999. His self defence and fitness programmes have grown into an esteemed karate school, training both adults and children in the martial arts.

Sensei Arendse said receiving the award felt like he had been given a doctorate from a prestigious university.

“I feel great about it. I’ve been doing it for all the years, and after so many years, it’s a nice acknowledgement. In 1999, I received three gold medals that were put into a glass frame from the Province for contributing to the development of karate in the area. They recognise you as a Shihan, which is a contribution in years of training and mastery,” he said.

Sensei Arendse has competed at both national and provincial levels in martial arts, and was selected for the 1996 South African Olympics team to compete in the USA.

“When I started, I was eight years old. I was a fan and idolised Bruce Lee.

“For about a year to two years, I wasn’t really successful at competitions, I was very defensive and I would runaway from a match. I stopped for about a year and focused on my mindset and after that year I realised I wanted to grow and become the best, and I still looked up to Bruce Lee. I put more hours in training myself, and after that, I went back to my club, Samurai Karate Dojo in Claremont. I won more medals and trophies in four years that I could ever imagine,” he said.

In 1973, he trained in Shukokai karate with former Springbok team member of 1977 to 1983, Herbie Mongale – a third dan at the time.

Sensei Arendse was awarded his first dan in 1983.