BRICS States Reject Pressure Policies, to Reflect Such Stance in Summit Declaration -Putin

BRICS member states reject the policies of coercive pressure and will reflect this stance in their declaration at the Goa summit, as it is especially relevant amid some states promoting unilateral approaches, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Sputnik and the IANS news agency.

Putin stressed that BRICS was one of the key elements of the emerging multipolar world. The five countries have consistently reaffirmed their commitment to the fundamental principles of international law and promote the central role of the United Nations, the Russian president said.

“Our countries reject the policy of coercive pressure and infringement upon the sovereignty of other states. We take similar stances on urgent international issues, including the Syrian crisis and the Middle East settlement. This is why the summits’ final declarations, and the Goa Summit will be no exception to this rule, reaffirm our shared commitment to the fundamental principles of inter-state communication, particularly, to the observance of international law with the central coordinating role of the UN. With some Western countries attempting to promote their unilateral approaches, this position becomes even more relevant,” Putin said.

The BRICS summit will take place on October 15-16.