Four Trends For Key Project Area In BRICS

  1. Energy & infrastructure collaboration

    Cross-BRICS provision of energy security: Russia + Brazil as providers, China + India as consumers; South Africa energy: cross-investment into hydropower plant in Congo; Regional integration through infrastructure (transport + energy + ICT) – Silk Road, pan- South American highway, etc.

  2. Enhancing integration & economic collaboration

    Shared legal framework (esp. in IP & technology transfer); unification of standards related to intra-BRICS trade; creation of incentives that help equalize trade balances between BRICS countries; BRICS shared currency (basket of currencies for NDB as a first step); Innovation map & coordinated development of new sectors / breakthrough technologies.

  3. Strengthen educational links

    Improve BRICS languages teaching in schools / universities of BRICS; BRICS ‘soft skills school’, incl. understanding of cultural differences; student exchange between BRICS universities; mutual recognition of degrees.

  4. Strengthen links between people

    Remove visas between all BRICS countries: Communication bridges: create BRICS awareness through social media (esp. with China); Cultural & sport exchange projects (involve larger population).