Have your say on City’s development blueprint

Deputy mayor Eddie Andrews with residents and City officials in Steurhof Estate.

The public have until January 13 to contribute to a strategic municipal blueprint that guides all planning and development in Cape Town over the next five years.

Deputy mayor Eddie Andrews met with Steurhof Estate residents on Wednesday December 22 to tell them about the City’s integrated development plan (IDP) and how it affects their lives.

He went door-to-door in the community with municipal staff to help the residents fill in forms that can also be completed online.

The IDP was not about getting potholes fixed or cutting grass in parks but about a much broader, long-term development strategy for Cape Town, one that would shape the way municipal money was budgeted over the next five years, he said.

Some have questioned why this is being done over the festive season, but Mr Andrews said the deadline was set down in law and not by the City.

It was vital that all residents and sub-council-registered civic organisations had the opportunity to have their say on the IDP, he said.

Section 28(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act states that a municipality must give notice to the local community of particulars of the process it intends to follow.

Council adopted the five-year New Term of Office IDP Process Plan 2022-2027 on November 25. Part of the plan is to receive input from communities on their developmental needs and priorities, which forms part of the consultative process when formulating the IDP.

The public are also being asked to review the previous five-year corporate scorecard and organisational performance management system to help the municipality develop the new five-year corporate scorecard.

Mr Andrews said he would like to see Steurhof’s community hall, on the corner of Mimosa and Viooltjie streets, enlarged and a youth-development programme started. Mr Andrews said a similar programme, started in his previous ward, in Mitchell’s Plain, in 2013, had recently produced a para-legal, a teacher and a social worker, among others.

Pastor Ernest Dreyer asked for a cheaper crèche in the area and extra classes and guidance for pupils.

Ward 71 councillor Carolynne Franklin said: “It’s vital that all residents have the opportunity for input into the IDP. I’ve shared the IDP survey link across my social-media platforms and throughout the community-based organisations that are currently registered with Sub-council 20. As residents of the city, this is how we can ensure our voices are heard.”

Visit the City’s website for more information.

Ward 73 councillor Eddie Andrews explaining what the integrated development plan is.
Josephine Crossland with deputy mayor Eddie Andrews and Ward 73 law enforcement officer Dylan Kellerman.
Dawn Samuels gets help from Sibabalwe Nkqwita.
Desiree Delange, Pastor Ernest Dreyer of Heavenly Highway Ministries and Carol Dreyer.