Heist duo due in court

Five men - two of them carrying guns - raided Winhall & de Stadler Jewellers on Monday, smashing display cases and grabbing the expensive contents.


Other breeds on show include Abyssinians, American Shorthair, Bengal, Birman, Burmese, Exotic, Norwegian Forest, Orientals, Ragdoll, Russians, Sphynx as well as the more well known breeds such as Persians, Siamese and Maine Coons.

Maths whizz kids

The three pupils competed against learners from all over South Africa and Lesotho on Saturday August 3 at the Alma School for pupils with disabilities in Pretoria.

Zephany author: please reserve judgement

In the book, Joanne Jowell transcribes a series of interviews with Miché, her “adoptive” father Michael, her social worker, counsellor, lawyer and teacher.

Diving into ‘Bob’s’ world

Trevor “Bob” Hayward describes the 60s and 70s as the golden age of diving, simply because you didn’t need licences.

Wool for Wonders

A total of 85 pre-schoolers from Tin Mugs in Vrygrond received donations of blankets, knitted teddies, jerseys, beanies and scarves.


Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch handed over their Mandela Day collections.

Unscrambling the myths behind free range eggs

Frank Molteno, spokesperson of Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, says battery chicken farming is continuing in South Africa on a massive scale and there is no legislation regarding what constitutes free-range chickens.

Bergvliet Lions Club member honoured

Rose Saville worked at day hospitals in Hanover Park, Wynberg and Retreat as well 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg.

Motor insurance claims keep ombud busy

During the year under review, motor vehicle insurance complaints made up 48% of finalised cases, followed by homeowner’s insurance at 21%.