Information sought on ’poisoned’ yellowwood

The owner of this yellowwood suspects it has been poisoned and she is seeking information to help her solve the mystery.

A Meadowridge woman suspects a tree on her verge has been poisoned and she wants to know if other residents have experienced something similar.

Marg McKay brought the yellowwood sapling from her bigger Constantia property when she moved to Oakridge, in Meadowridge, nine years ago.

About one month ago, she noticed the tree was turning brown. Since then, succulents on the inside of her boundary wall have also started dying and the grass is brown and crispy.

She is concerned that if poison is to blame it could affect wildlife in the area.

Ms McKay also noticed suspicious cuts in the trunk of the yellowwood.

“This is vicious vandalism. The tree is dying a slow death. It’s indigenous and should not be removed.”

City’s recreation and parks officials visited the property on Monday May 10, but we were unable to get comment from the City about the tree by the time of publication.

Multiple cuts have been made in the trunk of the tree.