Jars of Hope for Steurhof seniors

Trianon seniors, from left, Eileen Atkinson, Connie Noordermeer, Willie Webb, Sheila Johnson, Bea Dickson, Ramsay Wight and Bernard Killeen.

Trianon Care Centre residents donated about 140 Jars of Hope to seniors in the neighbouring Steurhof Estate last week.

The jars are filled with the layers of ingredients that the seniors have contributed from their own pockets – lentils and other pulses, rice and a stock cube can make a pot of soup for a family of four.

On Friday July July 22, some of the Trianon seniors distributed the jars to residents of Steurhof Estate and Musgrave Park who require much needed help, often caring for grandchildren and other family members.

Trianon manager Donna Howe said the ingredients could also be used as a base for stews by adding vegetables, meat or chicken.

Ms Howe said the residents had workshops on Mondays and used the time to fill the jars, which they had recycled. “And they had lots of fun doing it, plus cake and coffee. The residents decided to give to their neighbouring community and build relationships. There’s a lot of crime in the area. We need to be each other’s eyes and ears so that when we walk around the area we are safe. We must also teach the younger people to respect the elderly,” said Ms Howe.

Steurhof resident Desiree de Lange thanked the Trianon residents on behalf of the community. “God will definitely bless you, your children and future generations.”

Steurhof Seniors’ Club facilitator Alexia Serra said: “This awesome, amazing project resonates with truth, the value and important role that seniors play in society.”

For further information about Steurhof Seniors’ Club contact Alexis Serra at 065 728 4993.

Trianon Care Centre manager Dona Howe tells residents that there is a lot of crime in the area and they need to be each other’s eyes and ears so that they can walk around and be safe.
Willie Webb, Alexis Serra and Bernard Killeen handing out Jars of Hope to Steurhof residents.