Still feeding the needy in Naruna Estate

Peter Eilers, Beverley Strong and Yvonne Maddock from the Naruna Estate Residents’ Association.

The Naruna Estate Residents’ Association is still feeding fellow tenants who are struggling to put food on the table because of the pandemic.

“Most of them are poor and elderly and others are living in the streets in the area,” says deputy chairwoman of the association, Beverley Strong.

They serve 80 to 100 meals on Sundays from Ms Strong’s front gate close to Churchill Park.

Ms Strong is joined by her partner, Peter Eilers, who washes the veggies and dishes and her neighbour, Yvonne Maddock, who peels and chops the veggies. Ms Strong and Ms Maddock cook the soups and stews in large pots on a gas stove donated by a neighbour.

On Thursdays they serve sandwiches and, when possible, also serve a cooked meal.

“It depends how many passers-by also see us and ask for something to eat as well. Winter is coming, so we will hopefully be able to serve soup if donations come in,” says Ms Strong.

They are now also feeding about 10 people, including two small children, who live under a bridge on the M5.

Wearing their new T-Shirts, donated by Wizardz Print in Constantia Village, they say they want to do something special for people this Easter, but they need help from the public. Ms Strong is looking for tins of fish to make fish cakes, flour for hot-cross buns, eggs, sugar, milk, raisins or fruit mix, Easter eggs, chocolate bars, biscuits, coffee and Milo.

Call Beverley Strong at 074 341 8252 if you want to help.