Water cuts expected for upper Westlake

The City has advised of water-supply disruptions in upper Westlake.

The water supply to upper Westlake will be disrupted from today, Thursday, September 8, from 9pm, until 4am tomorrow, Friday, September 9, as the City’s water and sanitation department does zero pressure testing on the main supply to the area.

Residents and businesses in the area bounded by Steenberg Road and the M3 are advised to store water for use during this period and ensure that their taps are closed to avoid water loss or damage when the supply is restored.

In a statement, the City’s water and sanitation department said: “Zero pressure tests are being done to see if there are any unmapped inflows that need to be taken into account before smart pressure-reducing valves are installed. Managing water pressure more effectively reduces the possibility of pipe bursts and water wastage.”