World Read Aloud Day with Wynberg library

Wynberg librarian Kim Ashley Albertyn reads to Simon van der Stel Primary School pupils on World Read Aloud Day.

Wynberg library staff read to children at the library and at several schools for World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, February 1.

“Our staff told stories to 79 children at the library as well as at Precious Angels and Happy Feet crèches and Simon van der Stel Primary School. Three Grade 8 classes from Voortrekker High School participated in a story hunt at their school library with learners reading a library poem and having to solve clues to their great delight,” said principal librarian Nadia Ismail.

Nal’ibali, a national reading-for-enjoyment campaign that promotes World Read Aloud Day locally, set a goal this year for at least three million children to be read to.

In a statement, the City said 102 municipal libraries had taken up the challenge, pledging to read aloud to more than 8 900.

Ben Rycroft, from Nal’ibali, said there were many benefits to reading aloud to young children and babies and reading a story aloud together.

“Most importantly, parents and caregivers need to understand the connection between reading and storytelling and a child’s future success. Young children who are read to in languages they understand perform better in school, develop better memories and stronger vocabularies and comprehension skills.”