A job well done

John Bowman, Constantia

In the midst of much criticism of service by both the public and private sectors, I’d like to share a more positive story.

On Thursday, July 6, my wife and I were the victims of an armed robbery at our Constantia townhouse. Unfortunately, at the time, we were looking after our grandsons, aged 7 and 4, so they were part of the drama.

We were unpacking purchases from our car, and I turned to lock up when two men burst in. Both were big and burly, and armed with very large screwdrivers.

I resisted briefly with the one, but he got very angry and threatening. I wouldn’t achieve anything, and was worried what he might do to the boys. He then made me lie down, with my wife and the kids ordered to sit next to me. For about 15 minutes he stood over us, threateningly, while his colleague ransacked the house.

Apart from my wife’s engagement ring (which was the worst loss) a TV, cash and some other things, they didn’t find much which appealed to them. So it could have been worse from that point of view.

We were, of course, badly shaken. But the boys held up incredibly well.

The real aim of this letter is just to compliment both Diep River police, and ADT for the quickness of their response, and their very thorough performance. ADT responded immediately after I had pushed the panic button, on the baddies’ departure. A patrol car was there within minutes.They contacted Diep River police, and their first members arrived very soon, fFollowed by Captain Jacobs, and more members, including forensics.

One of the first things they asked was whether we needed counselling.We thought someone should speak to the boys, once their mother arrived. So in no time, a counsellor, Hettie, arrived, and did a great job of talking through things with the boys and their mom.

This seemed to have done the trick, as there was very little evidence of aftershock, considering what they had been through. (She also followed up the next day to check that all was well.)

ADT stayed with us for quite a while, and then the police very efficiently went through the statements and did the forensics and so on and spent several hours with us.

BKM (Bergvliet, Kreupelbosch and Meadowridge) Watch was also part of the communication process, and was most supportive. Much appreciated. So full marks to these organisations and Hettie for the great job they did. A very nasty experience, but the silver lining was this evidence that there are still plenty of good people around. Now let’s hope they find these thugs.