A job well done

Angela O’Connell, Kenilworth

I would like to thank the security people who did such an excellent job at Constantia Village on Saturday August 13.

I hold an antique fair each month for four days and when I arrived that morning, I discovered something was missing and went to the security office to report it .

Within 10 minutes, they found the footage on the closed circuit camera which was very visible and showed the woman who took the piece, a silver teapot. They followed her to the car and got her registration number.

I went to Diep River police station who were also excellent. They went to Constantia Village and got the photos and followed up on the case. The woman was charged and is to appear in court on Friday August 19.

I would like to say a special thank you to Wayne Fredricks, Freddie Benda and Nomsebenzi Mata for the excellent work they do.