African Conquest

Caroline Tebbutt, of Tokai, made an early start with her Christmas gift shopping before she and Peter Phillips, of Claremont, listened to Julia Albu discuss her book.

Julia Albu launched her book, African Conquest at Exclusive Books in Constantia Valley last week. “Just get and there and do it!” was the 80-year-old author’s response to an audience member who asked what preparations one should start with for an overland adventure. Ms Albu’s book tells the story of her first overland adventure, where she travels through the African continent in a “defiant little Toyota”. Ms Albu turned her notes and blog posts from the journey into the book.

At the launch, Ms Albu mentioned that the best thing she took with her on the trip was her old mother’s linen sheets, which ensured that she slept luxuriously every night, no matter where on the continent she was. She spoke about the tremendous respect for elders that people in all countries displayed on her journey, especially in Ethiopia, which was her favourite leg of her trip despite some of the food “tasting like a straw mat,” she said.
The launch was attended by various family members and friends of Ms Albu.