Bergvliet High School celebrates 60 years

Bergvliet High School celebrated its 60th anniversary during a founder’s day assembly on Wednesday March 15.

Peter Smith, son of former principal Tony Smith, was presented with a posthumous Astris Award in recognition of his father’s service to the school.

Past pupil Eric Nathan, famous for his travel and landscape photography and scenic time-lapse videos, was also presented with an Astris Award for his achievements.

Principal Stephen Price said: “Our pupils and staff of today share an invisible bond with all the past pupils and staff of the past 60 years and, indeed, with those who will follow them in the years ahead.

“You form part of a school community which has nurtured all its pupils. Bergvliet High pupils can be seen in all walks of life as they build strong connections, engage in many fields and professions and are making significant contributions to our society, not just in Cape Town and South Africa, but also in other parts of the world.

“It is difficult to imagine what the world was like for the first pupils who entered Bergvliet 60 years ago.

“We can, however, be certain that their teachers and parents, just like now, would have dedicated themselves to developing the talents of their students, their critical thinking, and care and sensitivity for others less fortunate in the community”.