Bus routes and cycling lanes are the way to go

Tom Campbell, Bergvliet

I refer to a letter from Brian Hoare published recently (“City must work for us”, Bulletin letters, March 31).

A few years ago, I was in Sydney on a conference and was impressed by the safe and regular running of the trains around the city. Even more amazing was the regular movement of ferries carrying people to all parts of the bay.

I congratulate the City of Cape Town for the sorely needed further implementation of the MyCiTi bus system. Improved accessibility across our southern suburbs will revitalise and upgrade the area and link it better with the city centre.

Similarly, I am very pleased that dedicated cycle lanes are being planned on Spaanschemacht River Road and Firgrove Road (“Cycle lanes on track”, Bulletin, April 14). Both these roads are regularly used by cyclists and runners.

I hope that the section of Spaanschemacht Road from the Tokai Circle to Firgrove Road will get a cycle lane because the road is particularly narrow and dangerous along that stretch.

I agree with Brian that they must not stint on the width of these tracks (preferably at least two metres wide) so that they can be used safely by cyclists and pedestrians. Now, how about movement to provide better cellphone reception in the Bergvliet area?