Cell mast a slow killer

Derek Main, Kirstenhof

Regarding your article on residents of Plumstead taking to the streets to protest against cell masts (“Cell mast frustration”, Bulletin June 7).

Have you been affected by a cell mast?

If not, you soon will be.

I have first-hand experience of how flawed the cell mast application process is. The system is a sham and the odds are stacked against citizens. Cell companies use their huge resources to fight drawn-out legal battles until the objectors are too exhausted to continue or they have run out of money.

The health concerns related to cell masts are fobbed off.

This is because WHO relies on the ICNIRP, a cell industry loyal NGO, to decide on the harms of EMF. They are more interested in shielding the industry from criticism than they are with the health of global citizens.

They make the claim that “there is no research that proves any known adverse health effect” and cell companies and municipalities simply repeat this mantra. This is despite many scientists warning that their research proves the opposite – they are stonewalled.

We need to fight this collectively- strength in numbers. We need to share knowledge and expertise.

If we fight individually, we will get picked off. As a large enough group, we can influence policy and hold our elected representatives to account.

We need to ask the Constitutional Court to order the following:

* A commission of inquiry be set up to review all research relating to the health risks of cell mast emissions to determine guidelines.

lA moratorium on the roll -out of cell mast infrastructure until these findings are known.

lNo cell masts may be erected in residential areas, especially taking into account the most vulnerable citizens – children and the aged.

* Anyone who “hosts” a cell mast on their property will be held jointly liable for all medical claims.

* New science relating to cell masts must be reviewed biennially and policies updated accordingly.

* Cell masts in residential areas must have 50% + 1 community support.

All cell masts that fall foul of the new guidelines be removed.

If you share my concerns, please visit the website of the National Alliance Against Cell Masts’ website at www.naacm.co.za and register.