City must work for us

Brian Hoare, Plumstead

It isn’t often that I agree with Colin Arendse, but in this case he is spot on (“Wynberg needs help”, Bulletin letters, March 24). Wynberg looks more and more like a township with the police doing less and less. Soon it will be a no-go zone for SAPS as the criminal element takes over completely.

It seems as if the City is more concerned with forcing the MyCiTi bus routes through, spending our tax money going through the court system to demolish peoples homes – not to mention all the effort to integrate the bicycles in the parks. It would be nice to see all these people use their bicycles for transportation and not just sport.

The City also spent considerable amounts of tax money to build dedicated bicycle lanes which, as far I am able to tell, never get used. Many dedicated routes have concrete pillars to injure cyclists. Do they think a bicycle is only 15 centimeters wide?

I think far too many ward councillors have become complacent and make no effort to “earn their keep”. Competition for these cushy jobs should be more keenly contested.