Congestion woes

Adrienne Murray,
Diep River

Will this project also require adequate attention to the question of traffic congestion in this area? (“Moquet Farm plan back on cards, “Bulletin, August 15)

Both Main Road and Kendall Road already carry enormous volumes of traffic, much of which spills over into the adjoining residential area as people attempt to avoid the traffic lights on the corner of Main and Kendall.

Are there plans to widen the roads to relieve this congestion?

The increase in developments in this area has made Main Road almost impossible.

The road has not been widened or improved for as far back as I can remember.

Over and above everyday commuter frustration, the road also has to make allowance for ambulance access to the Melomed Hospital.

I don’t understand how City planning works where increased densification is allowed without also making provision for increased access on the roads.

Developers should be required to provide plans for how their lucrative investments will ease traffic congestion.

According to the article, Mayco member for spatial planning and environment, Marian Nieuwoudt, said that each proposal had to show how the community would benefit from the development.

The community would benefit greatly if it could use the roads in this area more easily.

Aqeelah Alexander, Plumstead

In response to your article (“Moquet Farm plan on the cards,” Bulletin, August 15), while the proposed carbon-efficient development of the property might appeal to some, it has been omitted that the property is utilised by two schools, namely Westcott Primary, Oakley House and Little Bowwood Day Centre, as a parking area to drop and collect children and for large school events.

Historically these schools do not have adequate parking spaces. Many pupils are from outside the Meadowridge area and need to be dropped off safely.

The Department of Education has plans to build more classrooms at the already constrained Westcott Primary which will increase the number of pupils.

This property may need to be integrated with the school if the number of pupils increases. Oakley House is a special-needs school and needs parking close by. Parents dropping toddlers at Little Bowwood need to get the little ones safely to the daycare, especially on rainy days.

School buses also utilise the area to park while waiting for the afternoon pupils.

The City should consider leaving a portion of the plot for school parking facilities. The other section could easily be developed into a park with a tea garden and flea market where parents waiting to collect their loved ones can socialise and where vendors can sell their wares creating income opportunities for crafters.

Failure to provide parking facilities will cause further congestion with traffic backing up onto Main Road and Kendall Road.

Residents of the area will be inconvenienced by cars parked down the narrow roadways and in front of their driveways.

The City of Cape Town should be reminded that it is a custodian of land, not a landowner and that some land in its custody is not meant to be sold for financial gain.

I appeal to the schools, parents and other stakeholders to give their opinion to the City of Cape Town by Sunday September 8.