Creating and sharing beauty

Sue Nepgens student Lily Maydon, 11, painted this beautiful picture of Cape flowers in an African pot.

During lockdown, Linda Howe-Ely from Plumstead has not been able to go out sketching and painting with the two groups she belongs to.

One of the groups, Urban Sketchers Cape Town, suggested that members sketch what they saw at home, so she went into her garden and sketched there.

“I really enjoyed spending time in the garden and observing the plants and insects!” she said.

Sue Nepgen runs an art school in Constantia, and has carried on throughout lockdown on Zoom. Her art protégés did a project recently in collaboration with a professor at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, who was submitting a proposal to host an international conference in Cape Town on child neurology and development.

The professor wished to include the children’s pictures as part of communicating what makes Cape Town special. The theme of the pictures (at her request) was: “What makes me happy or proud about
living in Cape Town or South

Ms Nepgen said: “I thought it was such a positive idea for the children, locked down at home, to think of all the wonderful places and aspects of Cape Town and South Africa. They loved being part of something bigger, and forward-looking: an international medical conference hosted here in Cape Town.”

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