Diep River police make several arrests

Police arrested a suspected mugger at the Southfield subway on Tuesday morning.

Diep River constables Yuri Ray and Zak Marais were patrolling the area at 11.30am when a man coming out of the subway told them he had been robbed of his backpack moments earlier.

The officers arrested a 22-year-old man armed with a knife and returned the backpack to the mugging victim.

* Police arrested two suspected metal thieves in Plumstead on Tuesday.

Officers were patrolling Dan Pienaar Circle, when they saw a man and a woman stripping wires and breakers for copper.

Police spokesman Constable Zak Marais said they suspected the copper was stolen from a building.

The pair were arrested with two large bags of copper wire and charged with possession of suspected stolen goods.

* Also on Tuesday, police cornered a suspected burglar in an Aureole Road house in Southfield.

Responding to a report of a burglary in progress, officers found a 17-year-old outside his home who told them the suspect was still inside.

Officers caught the 48-year-old man as he tried to escape with jewellery.

knives forced open a door and threatened Constantia Main Road homeowners on Wednesday June 27, at 4.25am.

The robbers took cash, cellphones and a laptop, police said.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Arnold Bosch at 021 710 7356 or Diep River police at 021 710 7300.